Vision & Mission


To establish

“Vidyasankul Par Excellence” by making quality the defining element of Management, Computer & I.T. education.


We transform the students in a way, that will bring a new value system in their thought process and innovate new things for socio-cultural sensitivity, ethical responsibility, and holistic growth. Our excellence not only adds value to the society but to the nation as a whole.

The change sought is

“From Qualification” to “education”
What “I can get” to What “I can give”
“External Evaluation” to “Self Evaluation”
“I Can’t” to “I Can”
“I” to “We”
“Win-Lose” to “Win-Win”


To promote development of the ‘whole person’ and train responsible Indian citizen committed working for not only to society but the nation as a whole.


The faculty, students, Administration and managing body of GEETANJALI stimulates an organization culture with team-spirit, confidence, mutual respect, concern for others, hardwork, social value, personal maturity and integrity. The outcome of such culture is the students ability to deal with corporate sector and common man with equal efficiency.