Chairman’s Message

Shailesh M. Jani

Shailesh M. Jani


The pace of globalization has significantly accelerated in the past few years, due to the two major factors i.e. Invention of microchip technology creating worldwide web information and rediscovery of Adam Smith leading to the unleashing of free market forces. Fused together this twin engine jet “Internet Capitalism” has taken off transforming Global economy and business.

The key issue involved in managing a purely domestic enterprise in a protected market and a fully globalized organization in a highly competitive enviornment are quite different, how to develop a business design to create a durable global value chain for product and services, how to develop human resources and nourish intellectual capital striking and how to operate within a broad global frame work of business ethics and in harmony with local laws, customs and culture.

Fortunately to fulfill globalized needs “GEETANJALI” has developed a unique education centre named “GEETANJALI COLLEGE OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & COMMERCE” affiliated to Saurashtra University and approved by Government of Gujarat.

With a view to impart world class education and training in Business Management, Information Technology & Commerce, I invite and welcome all the students in a unique center of excellence.

In this institution I firmly believe in application of the principle of “Total Quality Management” and strives to achieve our mission of offering quality education through resources like – Experienced Faculty, Integrated Education Methodology, Rich Library with recent publication & management classics.

I would add for my students that education is the master key to open a door of success. I wish the success and achievement to all the students entering in the golden years of college life.