Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) (Bsc.IT.) three-year undergraduate degree course in India. Students all streams (science, commerce & arts) can pursue Bsc.IT.

The course offers following areas of specialization:
  • Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Programmer

Three Years (Six Semester)


The standard of passing the BSc.I.T. degree examination will be as under:
  • To pass any semester examination of the BSc.I.T. degree, a candidate must obtain at least 40% marks in the university examination separately in each course of theory and practical.
  • Class will be awarded based on Earned Grade Point, SGPA and CGPA as per rules of University
Marks of Internal examination, university examination and credit hours will be as under:
  • Total marks of each theory course are 100 (university examination of 70 marks + internal examination of 30 marks).
  • Marks of each unit in the course are equal (i.e. 14 Marks). Total marks of each course are 14x5=70 for university examination.
  • Credit hours (lectures) for each unit in the course are equal (i.e. 12 hours). Total credit hours (lectures) of each course are 12x5=60.
  • Total marks of each practical and project-viva course are 100. No internal examination of marks in practical and project-viva courses

Candidate seeking admission to the Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) must have passed 12th or equivalent examination from Gujarat Higher Secondary Board or any other Board.