The most respectable career options in this stream are Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary  in Commerce is soon becoming a new way of modern life and setting a new direction for students to lead their life in the best possible way.

Students wishing to choose commerce stream B.Com need to get themselves more acquainted with the subjects like Economics, Accountancy, Finance, Business Mathematics, Bookkeeping, etc and also develop an interest in them. In fact, Commerce as a career choice is fast gaining importance in India.

With the rapid popularity it is gaining among Indian students, Commerce provides many career opportunities for students in Chartered Accountant, Investment in Banking sectors, Insurance field, Stock market level, etc. After completion of B.Com/M.com, students should actively start enrolling for various professional courses in the specializing field of CA, CWA, CFA or MBA in Finance.

Three Years (Six Semester)

English and Gujarati

The standard of passing the B. Com degree examination will be as under:
  • To pass any semester examination of the B.Com degree, a candidate must obtain at least 40% marks in the university examination separately in each course of theory and practical.
  • Class will be awarded based on Earned Grade Point, SGPA and CGPA as per rules of University
Marks of Internal examination, university examination and credit hours will be as under:
  • Total marks of each theory course are 100 (university examination of 70 marks + internal examination of 30 marks).
  • Marks of each unit in the course are equal (i.e. 14 Marks). Total marks of each course are 14x5=70 for university examination.
  • Credit hours (lectures) for each unit in the course are equal (i.e. 12 hours). Total credit hours (lectures) of each course are 12x5=60.
  • Total marks of each practical and project-viva course are 100. No internal examination of marks in practical and project-viva courses

Candidate seeking admission to the Bachelor of Commerce must have passed 12th or equivalent examination from Gujarat Higher Secondary Board or any other Board.